to be fiili konu anlatımı

“to be” fiilinin sözlük anlamı “olmak” tır. “be” fiili öznenin hal takısı olarak görev yapabilir ve başka bir fiile ihtiyaç duymadan durum bildiren cümlelerde fiil görevini üzerine alır. Bu tip cümleler şahısların kim, ne, nasıl, ve nerede olduklarını belirlerler.
“to be” fiilinin genel kullanım alanları:

Feelings: How are you?
Age: He is 12 years old.
Identity: He is my son.
Qualities: Cheetah is the fastest land animal.
Events: The parade was on Thursday.
Cost: How much is this frame?
Numbers: two plus two is four.
Jobs: She is a dentist.
Nationality: They are Spanish.
Possession: This house is mine.

to be fiilinin Simple Present Tense ile kullanımı

Simple Present Tense de “be” fiili özneye göre am/is/are halini alır. “I” için “am”, “you, we, they” için “are”, “he, she, it” için ise “is” kullanılır. ( to be Simple Past Tense )

To Be – Affirmative

Subject To Be Examples
I am I am from Turkey.
You are You are Chilean.
He is He is twenty years old.
She is She is a nurse.
It is It is a big dog.
We are We are intelligent.
You are You are students.
They are They are married.

To Be – Contractions

To be fiili özellikle konuşma esnasında kısaltılarak kullanılır.

To Be Contraction Examples
I am I’m
You are You’re You’re Chilean.
He is He’s He’s twenty years old.
She is She’s She’s a nurse.
It is It’s It’s a big dog.
We are We’re We’re intelligent.
You are You’re You’re students.
They are They’re They’re married.

To Be – Negative Sentences

Bütün yardımcı fiillerde olduğu gibi, yardımcı fiili olumsuz yaparken yardımcı fiilden sonra NOT ifadesi eklenir. AM NOT, ARE NOT yada IS NOT.

Subject To Be Examples
I am not I am not from Spain.
You are not You are not Australian.
He is not He is not thirty years old.
She is not She is not a secretary.
It is not It is not a small cat.
We are not We are not stupid.
You are not You are not teachers.
They are not They are not single.

To Be – Negative Contractions

Yardımcı fiili olumsuz yaparken yardımcı fiilden sonra NOT ifadesi eklendiğini biliyoruz. Bütün yardımcı fiillerde olduğu gibi kısaltılmış olarak N’T uygulanırsa ARE NOT AREN’T ve IS NOT ISN’T halini alır.

I’m not from Spain. ————–*
You’re not Australian. OR You aren’t Australian.
He’s not thirty years old. OR He isn’t thirty years old.
She’s not a secretary. OR She isn’t a secretary.
It’s not a small cat. OR It isn’t a small cat.
We’re not stupid. OR We aren’t stupid.
You’re not teachers. OR You aren’t teachers.
They’re not single. OR They aren’t single.

* Dikkat: am not ifadesi amn’t olarak kullanılmaz. I am not ifadesi sadece I’m not olarak kısaltılabilir.

To Be – Questions

Cevabı evet ya da hayır olan sorular yardımcı fiille sorulur. to be fiili ile soru yapmak istersek to be fiilini öznenin önüne getirmemiz gerekiyor.

You are happy.
Are you happy?

To Be – Soru Cümlesi Örnekleri

Affirmative Question
I am intelligent. Am I intelligent?
You are a student. Are you a student?
He is a pilot. Is he a pilot?
She is from Spain. Is she from Spain?
It is a big house. Is it a big house?
We are ready. Are we ready?
You are doctors. Are you doctors?
They are rich. Are they rich?

To Be – Short Answers

Konuşma esnasında to be fiili ile sorulan sorulara genellikle kısa cevap verilir.

Are you a student? – Yes, I am (a student).
Yukarıdaki cümlede (a student) gerekli değildir.
Kısa cevaplar gereksiz tekrarlamayı önler.

Question Short Answers Short Answers
Am I intelligent? Yes, you are. No, you aren’t.
Are you a student? Yes, I am. No, I am not.
Is he a pilot? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.
Is she from Spain? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.
Is it a big house? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.
Are we ready? Yes, we are. No, we aren’t.
Are you doctors? Yes, we are. No, we aren’t.
Are they rich? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

to be fiilinin Simple Present Tense ile kullanımına dair örnek cümleler

  • Cümlelerin Türkçe karşılıklarını düşünün.
  • Bilmediğiniz kelimeleri ve anlamlarını bir kağıda yazarak kelime çalışması yapın.
  • Soruları cevaplamaya çalışın.
  • Aşağıdaki cümlelerin tamamını pdf olarak indirin: Simple Present Tense to be fiili örnek cümleler PDF

1. I AM saving up to buy a car.
2. She IS sleeping in the armchair.
3. We ARE good at English.
4. Mrs Denis IS very keen on the cinema.
5. You ARE a cousin by mariage.
6. They ARE very tired this morning.
7. Clement and John ARE in the kitchen.
8. My phone number IS two one nine six five six one.
9. My credit card IS blocked, I don’t know why!
10. I AM living at Morisson’s.

1. My name IS Christopher.
2. I AM twenty years old.
3. How old ARE you?
4. What time IS it?
5. They ARE restaurant managers.
6. My brother IS fifteen.
7. What nationality ARE you?
8. We ARE French!
9. It IS a cat!
10. She IS my sister.

ingilizce “to be” fiilinin soru örneklerini ve olumlu cümlelerini inceleyiniz.

1. How ARE you ?
2. She IS painting her sister.
3. I AM a girl.
4. What IS he doing ?
5. ARE they tired?
6. Tom IS at home.
7. I AM twelve.
8. IS he playing ?
9. Mary and I ARE very nice.
10. ARE you drawing ?

1. This teacher IS an English one.
2. I AM very tired today.
3. We ARE so happy to see you!
4. It IS ten o’clock and I’ve to go.
5. My friends ARE on holiday.
6. My parents ARE very old now.
7. My best buddy IS always late.
8. Peter IS not at school today.
9. I AM sixteen and it is my birthday.
10. We ARE better than them.

to be fiilinin olumlu ve olumsuz örnek cümlelerini inceleyiniz.

1. You and I ARE here.
2. It IS very big.
3. The boy’s parents ARE nice.
4. The children ARE at the table.
5. I AM in the swimming pool.
6. The mice ARE between me and you.
7. My computer IS on the table.
8. We ARE here.
9. You ARE here too.
10. How ARE you?

1. The weather IS nice today.
2. I AM not tired .
3. This bag IS heavy.
4. These bags ARE heavy.
5. Look ! There IS Marouane.
6. My brother and I ARE good tennis players.
7. Her children ARE at school.
8. My sister IS a nurse.
9. Your shoes ARE very dirty, you should clean them.
10. This house IS not very big.

1. My parents ARE not at home.
2. Where IS the bank ?
3. I AM very hungry.
4. Régine IS playing the piano with me.
5. How old ARE you ?
6. Where IS the nearest bank ?
7. ARE you a teacher ?
8. Who IS this girl ?
9. We ARE very good friends.
10. IS there a post-office in the street ?

1. We ARE many people in this room.
2. My brother IS very gentle.
3. I AM very happy today.
4. You ARE nice today!
5. Many people ARE beautiful in this class.
6. Sara IS calm.
7. The kittens ARE so cute.
8. It IS splendid!
9. ARE you good at doing this work?
10. I AM very tired!

1. David’s new bicycle IS blue.
2. Are these your books? No, they ARE NOT
3. My children ARE 8 and 6 years old.
4. We can walk to the supermarket. It IS NOT far.
5. I AM NOT interested in baseball. I think it’s boring.
6. Are you a teacher? Yes, I AM
7. When IS your birthday ?
8. Kate and Sandra ARE at work today .
9. You ARE wrong.9×9 is 81, not 82.
10. IS this the right bus for the city centre?

1. We ARE strong
2. You ARE brave.
3. My sister IS beautiful.
4. The pupils ARE clever.
5. I AM your friend.
6. It IS sunny.
7. My brother and I ARE tired.
8. This boy IS big.
9. They ARE old.
10. IS he late?

1. I AM cold. Can you close the window, please?
2. I am 20 years old. My brother IS 16.
3. My brother IS very tall.
4. John IS afraid of dogs.
5. It’s ten o’clock. you ‘RE late again.
6. I ‘M tired and hungry.
7. You and I ARE good friends.
8. Your keys ARE on the desk.
9. Jayjay IS NOT interested in politics.
10. He IS NOT at home at the moment.,he is at work.

1. Those people ARE NOT English..
2. It ‘S sunny today and warm.
3. The dog IS in the bedroom.
4. How are you? I AM fine!
5. You and the dog ARE here.
6. Where ARE my shoes? in your bedroom.
7. What IS the time, please?
8. They ARE late today.
9. She IS one of my pupils.
10. We ARE a good group.

to be fiilinin Simple Past Tense ile kullanımını ve örnek cümlelerini buradan görebilirsiniz.

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