Simple Present Tense Olumlu Cümleler

Present Simple Tense (İngilizce Geniş Zaman ) olumlu cümlelerinde yardımcı fiil kullanmayız ve fiilin 1. halini kullanırız. (goworkspeakstudy gibi). Ancak eylemi yapan 3. tekil şahıs ise (he, she, it), fiil duruma göre s/es/ies eklerinden birini alır.

Simple Present Tense Olumlu Cümle örneklerine geçmeden önce şu yapıları hatırlayalım.

Simple Present Tense Affirmative Negative Question

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A cat and a dog play together.
I like black shoes.
He watches television every morning.
The supermarket closes at 10 pm every Saturday.
The mice eat cheese.
We go to the park on Sundays.
I always eat breakfast.
You can go.
Melissa has two big brother
She drinks coffee every day.

They are Austrian.
Sakdo washes his hand.
The train arrives in the morning.
She borrows my pencil.
Danny phones his father on Sundays.
I have minor problems and minor headaches.
Emily goes to the disco.
Pam wants another T-shirt.
The women buy a lot of things.
You do your homework every day.

The table IS big.
They are eleven.
The girls always listen to pop music.
The class begins at 9 a.m.
They swim in the pool
A real friend helps you if you need it.
They can dance.
I like swimming.
They play tennis.
John is nic- John is not nice.

She sings at her music lesson every Wednesday.
He loves driving fast cars.
My brother reads books.
I speak Italian.
She takes two sugars in her coffe?
I am 40 years old.
We listen to music every evening.
I like music and drama.
They live in London
In the morning, we drink water and fruit juice.

Mother likes butterflies.
You play the guitar.
My cousins live in Marbella.
He lives in Bursa.
Ayşe is the best singer of our school.
The car has lots of options!
I understand the exercise.
Simon reads comics.
I eat cereal in the morning.
On holidays, I sleep a lot.

Ice melts at 0°C.
The news IS bad today .
I go to school every day.
Sometimes I go to work by bus.
The Queen likes her dogs.
I go to school everyday.
I cook almost every night.
I am from Vienna, Austria.
He knows a lot about computers.
Ron plays basketball every Friday .

They talk about sticker.
I’m having dinner.
You read a lot of books.
He is good at investments.
You often go swimming.
We have a nice garden.
A cat likes mice.
The mother and her children help one another.
We are ready.
The plane is full.

Susie speaks many languages.
She loves chocolate.
My father works at school.
This sweater suits you.
They live in Texas.
I love eating salads!
A dog eats its food.
The principal reaches the college at 8 a.every day.
We take photos.
He has a problem with his car.

We speak English very often .
He can come.
He sings in a rock band.
Birds of a feather flock together.
The doctors help us.
Water freezes at 0 degree Centigrade.
He cooks on Tuesday.
You go to bed very early.
The snowmen melt in spring.
He studies English on Friday.

She has three daughters
We listen to music regularly.
You do your homework after school.
It always rains in that country.
I live in London.
That tie matches your trousers.
She wears a new watch.
He listens to the radio every evening.
Their dog has a lot of toys.
My mother and father work very much.

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