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Simple Present Tense Örnekler

Aşağıda Simple Present Tense (İngilizce Geniş Zaman) ile kurulmuş örnek cümleler yer almaktadır. Simple Present Tense ile hazırlanmış bu 100 örnek cümle İngilizce Geniş Zaman yapısını daha iyi kavramanızı sağlayacaktır.

Simple Present Tense örneklerine geçmeden önce şu yapıları hatırlayalım.

Simple Present Tense Affirmative Negative Question
  • Cümlelerin Türkçe karşılıklarını düşünün.
  • Bilmediğiniz kelimeleri ve anlamlarını bir kağıda yazarak kelime çalışması yapın.
  • Olumlu cümleleri olumsuz yapmaya çalışın.
  • Olumsuz cümleleri olumlu yapmaya çalışın.
  • Soru cümlelerini cevaplamaya çalışın.
  • Aşağıdaki cümlelerin tamamını pdf olarak indirin: Simple Present Tense Örnekler PDF

Ne kadar çok ingilizce geniş zaman cümlesi kullanırsanız o kadar kolay öğrenirsiniz.

This house costs a lot of money.
He works with Government in some secret division.
My friend always helps me if I need it.
Simon can read English books.
Where do you put up from?
He goes to work by car.
It doesn’t rain here in the summer.
They live in teepees.
We cook every day.
We go to the gym club together.

Burada, ingilizce geniş zaman örnekleri soru, olumlu cümle yada olumsuz cümle şeklinde karşınıza çıkabilir.

Do you read a lot?
We take the bus often.
They speak English well.
He plays in goal.
I usually wake up at early in the morning.
When do you go to sleep?
They help their parents a lot.
Carpenters make furniture from wood.
I wash the car on Wednesday.
He likes taking photographs.

Simple present tense cümleleri kurulumu en kolay cümlelerdendir.

He always speaks the truth.
Steve draws nice pictures.
I fly to Austria every winter.
Maria goes to Canada.
They always go to work by bus.
When do you get up
You have a big house.
They sleep in the afternoon.
When do they usually talk to each other?
The children are at home.

Daha çok simple present tense örnekleri ile bilginizi güçlendirin.

I love Paris.
She knows a lot about cooking.
The children like ice cream.
We have a marvellous garden.
They know the book.
What sports does Lucy like?
The supermarket closes at 0 pm every Saturday.
The children read a lot of funny books.
They drink milk every morning.
I always hurry to the bus stop.

Necla visits her old aunt everyday.
Tom goes to the park.
Do we get wool from sheep?
Bill has got nine poster.
Where do I come on Mondays?
The children play in the morning.
She swims for an hour every morning.
I drive a small car.
The sun rises in the East.
You live in London.

He wears expensive clothes.
Jane goes to school.
They are good friends.
She seldom speaks to him.
They sometimes go to the cinema.
Elephants eat grass.
I like reading detective stories.
I like geography and science.
She doesn’t study German on Monday.
Does she live in London?

Her friends like pizza and pasta.
What do you buy in the supermarket?
Berkan listens to the radio.
A waiter works in a restaurant.
Does she drink coffee every day?
George and Michael are good singers.
You like cats.
They work in a bank.
We are pen friends.
It often rains on Sundays.

How often do you study English?
I always drink tea in the morning.
Do I love studying languages?
Do you meet your friends on Fridays?
The teacher walks to school every day.
Emir likes pop music.
The window is open.
The Olympic champion doesn’t come from Victoria.
She doesn’t work abroad.
She smokes too much.

Does she dance often?
I understand English.
They don’t win at tennis.
Does your mother live in Houston?
The child and his mother help each other.
I have a new black shirt.
I don’t like computers at all.
How often do you play football?
Ayla dances every Saturday with her boyfriend.
Raccoons come out at night.

She feeds the animals.
He works in a restaurant.
I usually stay at home on Fridays.
My parents woks all day.
Does he teach physics?
Man proposes but God disposes.
The cat is on the chair.
This car has two doors.
Does David want some coffee?
Sometimes they go shopping to a big town.

Simple Present Tense’i (İngilizce Geniş Zaman) tüm detayları ile öğrenmek için İngilizce Geniş Zaman Konu Anlatımı isimli makaleyi okuyunuz.

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